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    Kerb are history

    Sadly, the menu bar heading wasn’t a typo.  Kerb are history.

    This website now simply stands in recognition of the incredible people who worked at an innovative, creative digital company which spent 17 years developing excellent things.

    Over those year we built hundreds and hundreds of digital projects.  I know this because I was there from the beginning, plus I just spent far too long looking through old projects deliberating which examples to use on this site.  We worked for over a hundred clients and most of them came back for more.  We did more than 20 projects each for Playstation, Disney and the BBC alone.

    Back_when_we_were_young_and_beautifulWhen we were young and beautiful (Jan 2001)

    During the time Kerb was alive I had the good fortune to work with some amazing people.  The sad thing about digital is that unlike good art, music or literature it gets forgotten.  It gets overwritten, replaced or even if it doesn’t the tech needed to support it slowly dies away.  I’ve spent a little time trying to video capture some of the best pieces that we did and screen capture images of other stuff that would need a month of development and a bank of servers running something awful like ASP.

    During the time I spent video capturing the work on the other page, two thoughts kept cropping up:

    Firstly how most of this work seems like it was done a lifetime ago – but looking at it takes me right back there in the moment.  Each piece is a chunk of my life and brings up memories of each idea, pitch, struggle, victory that goes along with getting something from a blank page to a finished project.  Looking at our old Kerb site especially, took me right back to being in our studios at The Metway over a decade ago.  Listening to Orbital putting the finishing touches to their last album down the hall whilst nervously watching the team create more and more digital insanity that was about to leak out into the world representing our company.

    Secondly, I couldn’t believe just how well the work stands up after so long.  A lot of the work on this site was done around 10 years ago or more.  In people years that is a long time.  In digital years it is forever.  We were using much simpler tools (AS2 and even earlier than that on occasion) back then and pushing it right to the max.

    older_not_wiserOlder and wiser (Jan 2012)

    I’ll be updating the site with more bits and pieces, as and when I get time.

    Thanks for reading this and I hope you find our journey as interesting as I did.




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